Case Study

Wine Shipper uses T3RA logistics across  I-5 corridor to minimize damage risk and on-time delivery.


A wine shipper approached T3RA Logistics for assistance in transporting their product to multiple distribution centers in California, Texas and Arizona. The shipper had been in business for several years and had established relationships with several wineries and retailers. However, they were looking to expand their reach and increase their distribution network. T3RA was tasked with finding the most efficient and cost-effective means of transporting the wine.


One of the primary challenges was ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the wine. Wine is a delicate and perishable product that requires careful handling to maintain its quality. Any delay or mishandling could result in spoilage or damage to the product, which would be costly for both the wine shipper and the retailer.

Another challenge was finding carriers that were equipped to handle the transportation of wine. Not all carriers are licensed to transport alcohol, and those that are often charge a premium for their services. T3RA had to find carriers that were licensed, reliable, and affordable.


To address these challenges, T3RA implemented several solutions. First, they worked closely with the wine shipper to develop a transportation plan that would minimize the risk of spoilage or damage to the wine. This included ensuring that the wine was transported in temperature-controlled environments and that it was properly packaged and labeled.

Second, T3RA utilized their extensive network of carriers to find those that were licensed to transport alcohol. They also negotiated competitive rates with these carriers to ensure that the wine shipper was getting the best possible price.

Finally, T3RA provided real-time tracking and communication throughout the transportation process. This allowed the wine shipper to monitor the progress of their product and ensure that it was delivered on time and in good condition.


By working with T3RA, the wine shipper was able to expand their distribution network and increase their sales. They were able to deliver their product to new markets and build relationships with new retailers. T3RA was able to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for the transportation of the wine, which helped to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Transporting wine can be a complex and challenging process, but with the right solutions in place, it can be done efficiently and effectively. By working with a T3RA Logistics wine shippers can ensure that their product is delivered safely and on time, while also minimizing the risk of spoilage or damage.

“We’ve been working with T3RA for several months now and have been extremely impressed with their level of customer service. They are always available to answer our questions and provide updates on our shipments. I highly recommend T3RA for anyone in need of freight brokerage services. They are experts in their field and truly care about their customers’ needs.”

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